Monday, January 21, 2008

{welcome} baby duncan!

i made the card in anticipation for the birth, and alas...
we can welcome the newest addition to the duncan family!
congratulations to callum and joselle
who had
charlotte duncan
on january 17, 2008

{ enjoy all your new moments with one another }

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

{oh boy} the nice owl has landed

{hello all}

i have arrived! from where, you ask? well, i suppose i've just finally gotten here. that "here" is in blogger land where i can get connected and stay connected with so many.

i look forward to posting up-to-date/timely happenings with my custom invitations + stationery business {}

ambition at its best: my hope is to share products i love/ cannot live without; give you a glimpse into the world of my clients i come across; share projects i'm working on; continue with the passing along of web sites, vendors and such; as well as try to share and test out new trends.

why nice owl? well, i do dig on owls and thought they'd be a fun creature to use as my emblem. but most importantly, i'm a night owl--working later and later these days. so, why not tell people how nice i am, as well as my sleeping habits? silly, i know, but it works for me. i plan on using this space as an outlet of self expression and opening myself to the web community.