Monday, November 3, 2008

time to get crafting

now that halloween has passed and fall is upon us we're going to notice an abrupt shift. thanksgiving and the gift-giving seasons are upon us and we have to start thinking about spreading all the joy we can and presents for those in your life. why not make all your presents this year? or *gasp* mail out your holiday cards before 2009 arrives.

something i'm doing this year is initiating a weekly "craft night" starting november into december. i've invited good friends and fellow crafters to my house every tuesday evening to work on craft projects and to potluck.

here is the email i sent:

hello friends and fellow-crafters: now that halloween is over, we have to think about the other holidays that are coming up (read: thanksgiving and christmas).

with the economic state-of-emergency we're in (see: the news and my bank account), i say we craft our little hearts out this holiday season. which leads me to this invitation.

CRAFT NIGHT at My House every Tuesday from Nov. 11 to Dec. 2.

what is "craft night?": i used to do this monthly with my friends in SF. we'd get together to craft, as well as potluck. you can bring your own project(s) or come without and help someone with theirs.
this could mean anything:
  • write your store-bought christmas cards
  • make your cards and write them out
  • knitting projects (who knows, you might be able to learn here)
  • bring craft books/magazines to share and get ideas
  • make your presents
  • wrap your presents
  • make a mixed tape (haha)
  • ...think endless possibilities...
the main goal is to share an evening together while creating/crafting and having fun. please RSVP the friday before a craft night, so i can figure out space, food and the like. i will send out an email on monday to confirm with details.

Craft Nights:
Tuesday, Nov. 11 (RSVP by Nov. 7)
Tuesday, Nov. 18 (RSVP by Nov. 14)
Tuesday, Nov. 25 (RSVP by Nov. 21)
Tuesday, Dec. 2 (RSVP by Nov. 28)

let me know if there is someone you would like for me to invite. i'd love to keep the invite open, but it's all depending on space.

happy crafting!!
i hope that everyone makes time for themselves before the busy holiday season charges through the rest of the year. below are a few items i found to help inspire:

pictures courtesy of:
1. purple wool scarflette (click here)
2. somewhere series (click here)
Grand Revival's Flea Market Bag (click here)

4. 100% recycled wrapped present (click here)

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